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Custom Artwork

BSI Apparel has a great team of graphic artists and can make your custom work come to life! We charge 50$ per hour ($30 minimum) for custom graphics or existing graphic digitizing/graphic editing. This does not include the screen set-up fee.

Preparing Your Artwork

All files must be at least 300 PPI or in a Vector Format for screen printing. If your file is not 300 PPI, you cannot just increase the resolution of the file. This is known as 'upsampling' and will result in a blurry image. If you are creating your file in Adobe Illustrator or another Vector-based software, just size your image to the size you want it to print.


Half Tones

Please allow us to halftone the images for you. If we do not control the halftones, we cannot guarantee the quality of the print. We do understand that some designs are complex and will require separation fees, as a client you may be inclined to try to separate or halftone the image yourself to try and keep your cost as low as possible. Unfortunately, this does not work. Our computers in the art department are calibrated to set the halftones specifically for the films and screens that we use for printing. Often times if you would try to separate or halftone the image yourself it may cause more art changes that you would have originally incurred.

Accepted File Types

  • Vector Graphics - This is the preferred electronic format. We use CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator and accept the following file types: CDR, AI, EPS, PSD. Files can be submitted by email to Fonts must be converted to curves/outlines or we may not be able to open the file. We prefer. AI or .EPS files first because Vector images can be scaled without affecting quality. We prefer .PSD or .PDF files second and .JPG or .TIFF last.

  • Bitmap Graphics - We use Adobe Photoshop. Bitmap files should have a resolution of at least 300DPI at actual size. We accept the following file types for single color designs: PSD, TIFF, BMP. We also accept full color designs in Photoshop format (PSD). Spot color Bitmaps should be saved as PSD files with each color on a separate layer. Email files using zip compression and send to with a reference to your Quote/Invoice number.

Converting Your Text To Outlines/Curves

If you are creating your file in Adobe Illustrator, you will need to choose 'Create Outlines' on all your text. This allows us to open the file without requiring the font.


A Note from the art department!

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